Artifact Collection

Artifact Collection

The National Veterans Memorial & Museum, slated to open in Columbus, OH, in summer 2018, is seeking objects that give voice to the veterans' experiences and present a broad picture of service to country.

The museum will feature the personal stories of veterans and their families. To tell these stories, we seek your photos, letters, personal effects, or keepsakes; as well as objects related to enlisting, training, combat, or the return to civilian life.

In particular, we welcome hearing about objects connected to post-Vietnam conflicts, the Gulf War and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

By honoring veterans across all branches of service, by educating, connecting, and inspiring visitors, the museum will strengthen our shared pride in sacrifice. Your donated or loaned objects will give a personal dimension to this mission, and build a lasting legacy.

To submit objects to the museum for consideration, or for more information, please complete this form.